Vignelli Center App & UX Process

With the Vignelli Center as a client, we designed a digital magazine app utilizing Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and InDesign.

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UX processes were used heavily throughout this project in order to create a beautiful experience for gallery patrons. Visitors to the Vignelli Center could walk around the gallery with an iPad in order to learn more, so we wanted to ensure that this app would work well in such circumstances.

Define Requirements

We began by defining the requirements. User personas and use cases were created, and questions were generated for the client.


We went on a tour of the Vignelli Center in order to gain a better understanding of the brand and feel the app should have.

Vignelli archivist, Jennifer Whitlock.

Vignelli archivist, Jennifer Whitlock.


We then interviewed our client, Vignelli archivist, Jennifer Whitlock, in order to better understand and define our requirements.

The Vignelli Canon was then analyzed, as the Vignelli’s have very specific brand guidelines to work within.

Sketch & Wireframe

Ideas were brainstormed and sketched out.


The class performed card mapping and the skeleton of a structure began to emerge.

A site map was then created to better develop a content hierarchy.



A brand guide was generated based off of research.

Templates were created in Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and InDesign to layout content for the app. 

Wayfinding icons were generating for the app in Adobe Illustrator.

Content was curated for the app.


Implement Functionality

Interactions were created for each article to engage the audience.

Evaluate Usability

The prototype app was presented to Jennifer and several museum visitors to be tested and refined within the environment.

Once refined, the app was ready for users.

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