Technical Association of the Graphic Arts Publication 2016/17

The Technical Association of the Graphic Arts is an organization that allows for application in the world of publishing. After completion of the annual project, our publication competes in a competition with students from around the world. As president of the 2015/2016 academic year, I hoped to organize students from different majors in order to create a quality book that would lead to our success in the competition.

We won Best Digital Publication and Best Technical Writing for the 2015/16 year.

Here is the link for our EPUB.

Goals of the organization included:

  • Conceptualizing a book of technical papers.

  • Effectively designing with the theme: Milano Postmodern Design, which has elements of Flat Design, Art Deco, and Popular Art.

  • Utilizing Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to design.

  • Generating a digital book for EPUB that allows interactivity and readability across platforms.

  • Utilizing proper printing techniques to create a high quality book. The Xerox 8080 DocuColor digital press was used for main printing, and a letterpress was used for accent printing, and a Makerbot was used to 3D-print slipcases.

  • Reaching out to potential donors to help with supplying paper and binding

  • Redesigning the RIT TAGA website.

  • Growing our team of students from 9 to 23.

  • Editing 6 technical papers written by undergraduate and graduate students from RIT.

  • Raising money in order to print our books in a way that would guarantee quality. In total, we raised $5,570.

  • Revamping our social media to span all platforms and update more regularly. We already had a Facebook page, and we went on to generate a Twitter and Instagram presence. We also utilized Pinterest to create "mood-boards" when deciding our design.