Mullenlowe advertising

I was a Page Layout Intern for the Studio Department at MullenLowe Advertising in Boston for the summer of 2017. During that time, I refined layouts for the production of print and digital assets for brands, including JetBlue, L.L. Bean, and U.S. Cellular. InDesign and Photoshop were heavily used to optimize layouts.

Intern Project

All interns were also tasked to work on a summer-long project for the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (BYSO). We were broken up into teams, and were tasked to come up with different ideas to help promote the nonprofit organization and increase awareness. This project is a microcosm of everything I worked on while at MullenLowe.


The handout for our final presentation is seen on the left. I designed it, trying to simplify everything we had done into a single sheet, and MullenLowe employees want to try and emulate the layout I generated for future client presentations.


First, we had to develop a strategy for the BYSO. After surveying our target audience, and reviewing the current social media strategy, we decided the best way to move forward would be to develop a stronger brand voice and pillars, and we developed an insight: BYSO has enough passion and purpose to create the unexpected.


Once our strategy was finalized, we moved into developing creative ideas. During this time, I helped to perfect our presentation and make sure that it was visually stunning and consistent. Numerous graphics were created to supplement our presentation. 

Just one of the many graphics generated to make presentation visually stunning.

Just one of the many graphics generated to make presentation visually stunning.