Information Architecture

For Information Architecture, we learned XML and XSL. We learned to create schemas, and design for the user, using skills learned in class, and in the book The Design of Everyday Things to supplement our knowledge.

For the final project, I created a schema, and pulled information from the School of Media Sciences Digital Publishing Center (DPC) to generate a website for mobile and web to help the user prepare their files for print for the DPC.

Tasks include:

  • Use Oxygen to create a schema.
  • Create use case scenarios and personas to determine what users would need.
  • Card sort to determine the information architecture and hierarchy of content.
  • Create wireframes with InDesign and Illustrator.
  • Generate XML and HTML for information content.
  • Use XSL, CSS, and JavaScript to format the information.
  • Test with users and modify for their needs.
  • Ensure the site functioned properly on a mobile platform.