Hasbro Integrated Media Internship

During the summer of 2016, I went to Providence, Rhode Island to intern in the Integrated Media & US Marketing department of Hasbro. Besides having toys everywhere, I was able to work on brands that have been a part of my life since I was young. Much of my work involved supporting the production of digital assets to be used across media campaigns for the Hasbro portfolio. I collaborated with various brands, agencies, and social media companies such as Snapchat during this time. Activities included gathering assets, writing creative briefs, and using Photoshop and Illustrator to design mockups for digital banners. 


My Little Pony

Initially, there was only a focus on the two main characters that brand wanted for the campaign, but design progressed, it decided that showing more characters would be better for the overarching brand needs.


SEsame Street Love2Learn Elmo

There were a lot of difficulties with this banner, as there were few creative assets that available. This banner was designed to show just Elmo’s eyes, which was a good workaround for the space available, and is also playful and appealing to children.



Furby received updates to include bluetooth, sounds, and music, so these features were focused on by showing motion and colors in this mock up. 



The initial designs for Bop It! only incorporated the basic logo and background, so I was brought in to mockup creative that included more of the assets that showed that the new Bop It toy would include.


Marvel SuperHero Spectacular

The media flight for Marvel Superhero Spectacular was moved up considerably, and our creative agency was not going to have time to create all of the five different assets that we would need, especially with a limited selection of assets available. I was tasked with writing up media briefs and working with the Marvel brand team initially in order to create mockups that would help the agency meet our deadline.