Project Manager at Bak USA

On January 2nd, 2018, I entered my first post-graduate experience at Bak USA, a computer manufacturing start-up, as a project manager. My position was primarily to assist the engineering department, but I soon began to work across departments, and found myself involved in a wide variety of projects.

Customized Tablet

Bak USA, was working on creating a tablet device for a customer. This project required management from development to deployment. Activities included:

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.20.48 PM.png
  • Testing and developing the tablets so they could pass military standard testing and withstand 4-foot drops onto concrete.

  • Implementing the engineering validation process so the tablets would go through Engineering Validation Testing (EVT), Design Validation Testing (DVT), and Production Validation Testing (PVT.) This would ensure that tasks were happening in a timely manner and that the tablet was our most tested and improved tablet to date.

  • Applying for FCC testing.

  • Updating the teams with software improvements as outlined by the customer.

  • Coordinating customer needs with suppliers in China.

  • Assisting with the development of legal documentation and contract negotiations.

  • Developing packaging with suppliers that would protect the tablets while generating less waste.

Self-Maintainer Program

The self-maintainer program trained IT professionals at schools to repair Bak USA computers on-site. Major project activities included:

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  • Developing marketing materials.

  • Coordinating the creation of a website where customers could log repairs.

  • Monitoring customer activities to ensure that customers had enough components in stock to make repairs.

  • Updating documents and contracts so customers would be trained to repair with the most up-to-date content available.

  • Onboarding customers to the program.

  • Coordinating a team of engineers and production technicians to travel and train customers at different locations.


Following is a brief summary of the other projects I worked on:



Prep the engineering and production teams with a plan and schedule for when Atlas computer components would arrive in-house.

Project Athena

Project Athena was an internal wiki for the customer experience experience team to refer to. A process was created, the wiki was filled with information from the engineering team, and the website was created by the software engineering team.

Project Voyager

A process was developed with the industrial design team for the custom products Bak would create. More formalized contracts, requirements, and marketing materials were to be created as a part of this project.


A wireless method of releasing new software updates was developed by software engineers.

Swap outs

Resources were scheduled out with the business development and customer experience teams to distribute devices.

Social media analytics

Monitor and report out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram trends for Bak USA.

Business cards

Design and distribute business cards for coworkers.

Frankenstein-ing Computers

Coordinate the testing and swapping of bad components for good so computers could be made usable again.


Assist the Chief Financial Officer to digitize financial documents and create an accounting system.


Work with a team to determine what tablet and computer components would be affected by tariffs and create a new pricing model based on these findings.